Monday, August 1, 2011

Bob's Budget

Bob’s Budget

I have been spending way too much and my credit card  are reaching the limit. I had a long talk with myself (I might add it wasn’t a totally friendly talk) and came up with the following cost saving measures for the next 2 years.

The following is a list of my cuts.

  1. Cancel new car purchase

          savings $40,000

  1. Cancel World cruise with 4 person entourage.

Savings  $120,000

  1. Cancel new Goldwing.

Savings $30,000

  1. Cut down eating out from 6 nights a week to 5 but add an extra lunch.

Savings $1.27

Total Savings $190,001.27

Of Course I will have to increase my daily  budget for the next two years  by the same amount I did last year, which was 96%. My budget last year was $35,000 so this year I get to spend 68,600 and next year I get to spend $134,456 for a total of $203,056. But I have “saved” 190,001.21. My expenditures is only $13,055  Now will you please raise my credit card limit!

Or I could just print some money.


  1. Gee, you think just like a politician!! Thanks for the humour. Joe K.

  2. Love it!! Great analogy and post. Short and simple packed with humor,truth, sarcasm, and a ton of other stuff (I can't think of the name of off the top of my head)