Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Quickies

Some Quickies

The type of person we need to lead this country can not get elected because they have to be a machinery politician to even get the nomination. And that my friend is a trait both parties not only share but cling to.

Wouldn’t Allen West make a great president? It is difficult for me to express the admiration I have for that man. And as  for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.  she should polish his shoes and beg forgiveness. But then Class Warfare is about the only arrow the Democrats have in the quiver.

Why does it seem we are following the European example of economics while they are moving away from the “social welfare’ model?

I heard our beloved President comment on the inequity in foreign trade. Didn’t he go on a big world tour to encourage trade and renegotiate some of the inequities in our exports and come back virtually spanked by every country he visited?

It seems everyone I hear from Bill O”Reilly  to the Union Activists  to our politicians beat the economic drum that serves them best.

The 12 person Debt Committee is doomed to failure. Lets be honest John Kerry has publicly express disdain for the Tea party and anyone who shares their ideas. Nice pick Harry! Maybe we should have put the caveat on the committee that if they didn’t reach a deal in the allotted  time  they all had to resign with no pension. 

The riots  in England went on way to long because the police  there were  timid. Just watch the news clips. And being timid invites attack (note to President Obama).

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