Friday, August 5, 2011

Gay People in the Military

Having served in the military and having people close to me who are now serving and others who have served I wanted to share my thoughts on this issue.

I start off by asking you to take Judicial Notice of the fact that women, straight and gay have been serving for decades with little or no public issues or even much notice. It is gay men in the military and straight men’s reaction to them that has brought on the controversy. This may cause us to ask “why that is”. How come gay and straight women can co-exist while the male gender can not do so or do so only when forced by political leaders to do so.

I think the answer is rather simple, although not quite politically correct. Generally men are more sexually aggressive than women. I am talking about straight and gay men, they both share that trait.

As   “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” ends we will be faced with the open (key word) inclusion of gays in intimate physical proximity to people that they are sexually attracted to.  The rebuttal to this from the proponents’ of doing away with the ban is, “gay men are not going to go around approaching people in the barracks”. Really you actually believe that? Okay label me a homophobe and get that out of your system. But be cautious, people who know me know that isn’t true. I think there will be lots of instances of unwelcome sexual advances. Let's face it we are talking about young men at the heights of their sexuality. These guys make the 1990's Bill Clinton look like an impotent eunuch.

What if a pre-op transgender male wants to serve? Do you allow him to serve with the men or the women? That leads us straight (excuse the pun) to the answer. Do away with all gender or sexual-orientation  division in the ranks totally. In the future we wouldn’t have restrooms labeled “Men” “Women” and “Officers” it would be simply “Enlisted” “Officers”.  Shower time would be worthy of a reality show. Straight men won’t approach females in the showers with any more regularity than Gay men approaching males. Right? It might be the mother lode for recruiting. I actually think this is the way it will turn out in the years ahead.

One final thought, perhaps we could install foam machines and strobe lights in the showers for that extra ounce of excitement.

This decision puts theoretical “civil rights” ahead of national security.

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