Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choosing a Side

In the interest of keeping my vast viewing audience fully informed of my political leanings I am disclosing to you that I have joined the Herman Cain team and have even donated a few dollars to his campaign.

My main reasons for supporting him may seem obscure to some but they are my reasons. First of all I sense honest and forthrightness in the man. This was evidenced to me when he was asked a question on withdrawing from Iraq or Afghanistan in one of the early debates and his answer was that he didn’t have all the information necessary to make that decision at the time. His response was simple, honest and direct, insightful and void of double-talk.

He has proven that he can lead a large organization Burger King among them and that he understands a balance sheet. But the main reason I am supporting him is that he is not a politician. We keep being told by the Washington Insiders that one can’t win or succeed without a history of holding elected office. That’s because the Insiders want to narrow the playing field to “Club Members”, you know the Good Ole Boy thing (which happily includes women now). I also very much appreciate that he likes to define the problem or the issue in the simplest of terms, he seeks the root of the problem. I could go on but these are my thoughts at the present time. Go Cain!!!!!!!

For people with opposing views please understand I endorse Mr. Cain he doesn't endorse me.


  1. Seasoned,
    What are your thoughts and feelings on Newt?

  2. I like his intellect and analysis but I still see him as part of the “machine”. Thank you for asking? Who do you favor among the Republicans, if anyone?

  3. Sometimes the very best answer is "I don't know". For example, if a doctor doesn't know what's wrong, he should say so and you can look elsewhere. No BS. If you're asking for traffic directions I'd rather hear "I don't know" instead of getting lost. If takes a certain amount of strength to say "I don't know", and to me, it's an admirable trait.

    Joe K.