Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Few Recent Observations and Opinions

The Republican debate on CNN was excellent, particularly in light of that dismal MSNBC failure. The candidates kept to policy/position/qualification issues with no real mudslinging. The debate was spirited and informative. I didn’t miss the Brian Williams “gotch’ type question at all. What a panderer he is. I have to agree with Bernie Goldberg if that same type of question would have been asked of a Progressive in terms of abortion there would have been mob violence ( mob violence is my assessment). I really liked Newts reference to   Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO, Chairman of GE when he was asked about Big Oil and taxes. President Obama has got to get rid of Immelt, he (Immelt) is a world class hypocrite and it is insulting for Obama to keep him on his staff in any position.

People in Israel have to be very concerned with the events of late in the Middle East. If the free world (read that USA)  doesn’t get out in front of these attacks on Israel’s embassies among other transgressions the attacks will soon be on the Israeli homeland and  that my friends will lead us down a path to a real war in the Middle East. I don’t think Israel is going to sit back and just let itself be destroyed. Maybe American Jews will not support the Democratic Party in such great numbers (that still bewilders me) in the future. The Senate election in NY yesterday may be an indication of that change.

NLRB, hey people good job. Now Boeing might move the jobs to China (like GE has) and not South Carolina. But then you made a payment on your boss’s beholding to the unions so I am sure you are sleeping soundly at night.  

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