Saturday, September 24, 2011

Muffin Eaters

Back to taxes, if the tax-loving uber-rich love taxes and the government so much why do they give millions and billions to private charities instead of sending it to the Government? Like I said before if Buffett (Warren, don’t know about Jimmy) wants to pay more taxes, send it in  the IRS will accept it. But don’t make that decision for me. Make it for your own wealth, or in my case lack thereof.

While on the Right on things politically I might be persuaded to pay more taxes if the extra was going to reduce the deficient and not going to be used to increase spending.  But then I can defeat my own argument because the people who run things are going to borrow the money if they don’t have it coming in as taxes. The Debt-Ceiling  is a joke, there is no ceiling to it. Spending cuts (see my blog ( are another government 3 Card Monte Act.

I would like to give you my assessment of the major difference between the Right and Left in this country as far as taxes are concerned. The  Left “thinks” with the heart, the Right tries to use the brain, sometimes in vain. When we talk about Welfare the Left sees a poor homeless mother and child the Right sees a balance sheet. Neither side is totally correct or totally wrong.  Also please keep in mind  it is so very easy to spend someone else’s money. Ask the $16 apiece muffin eaters.

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